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We are court-appointed attorneys assisting people who need legal representation.
We Serve
We are court-appointed attorneys assisting people who need legal representation.

Advocating justice for all for over 60 years.

The Legal Aid Society of Birmingham is a non-profit law firm that represents children and low-income individuals who need representation in dependency, juvenile delinquency, misdemeanor, traffic and drug court cases.

The Legal Aid Society does not accept cases directly from the public, but rather by court appointment. Our staff attorneys at the Jefferson County Family Courts in Birmingham and Bessemer serve children as guardians ad litem in abuse and neglect (dependency) cases and as defense counsel in juvenile delinquency cases. The Legal Aid Society's municipal court attorneys represent indigent adult defendants in the Tarrant Municipal Court. We also represent adult defendants in Jefferson County Drug Court who participate in rehabilitation services.

Services that we provide our clients.

Our staff attorneys are court-appointed to assist people with their cases in the following service areas. Select a core service area to learn more:
Child Protection and Child Custody

We serve as guardians ad litem for children who are the subject of abuse and neglect (dependency) in the Jefferson County Family Court Birmingham and Bessemer Divisions.
Juvenile Delinquency

At the Family Court of Jefferson County, both Birmingham and Bessemer Divisions, we represent children accused of delinquency offenses.
Indigent Adults in Municipal Court

We represent indigent adults in the municipal court of Tarrant. Please contact us if your municipality is interested in learning more about this service.
Drug Court Program

We represent defendants who have chosen to participate in rehabilitation services in the Jefferson County Drug Court Program.

Learn About Our Organization.

Learn a bit more about the Legal Aid Society of Birmingham, and what each of its divisions do, by hearing from two Legal Aid Society attorneys, Cassie Velardie and Gustavo Heudebert, and social investigator Ashia Congress.